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The Pearl is a new novel by the American author John Steinbeck. First published in 1947, the story follows the pearl, the cinema, and reveals human nature as well as greed, violation of social norms and evil. Juana tells Kino to go to town and get a doctor, but Kino and their neighbours tell Juana that the doctor will never stay where she lives, so the young man decides to take matters into his own hands and take Coyotito to the doctor. Kino arrives with Joanna and most of the villagers follow them to see what happens. You can read the review and download The Pearl pdf at the end.

The Pearl Review:

The Pearl, based in La Paz, Mexico, begins with a description of the seemingly idealistic family life of Kino, his wife Joanna and their baby son Coyotito. Kino looks like Coyotito is asleep, but he sees a lizard coming down from the rope and holding the hanging box where Kyoto is sleeping. Kino tries to shake, but Coyotito breaks the rope and the child jumps on him. Even if Kino kills the child, he still hangs Kyoto. Joanna and Kino go to see a local doctor with their neighbours, who do not treat Coyotito because Kino cannot afford it. At the doctor’s house, the doctor’s maid told Kino and Juana that the doctor was not at home – in fact, the doctor was at home but did not help Coyotito because Kino could not pay the doctor as much as he did. The doctor wants to, but this is because the doctor is biased against the Kino race.

The Pearl pdf

The Pearl PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of The Pearl PDF.

  • The author John Steinbeck has written it.
  • The book is in simple English language so its easier for the readers to understand it.
  • The Pearl published in the year 1947.
  • The novel comes under the genre of Novel, Novella, Fiction.
  • The novel contains a total of 48 pages.
  • Readers loved to read this novel.

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