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American writer Jerry Spinelli has written Maniac Magee a very famous novel and published on date 1990. Maniac Magee revolves around themes of inequality and racism. Maniac Magee presents the life story of an orphan boy searching for a home in the amazing fictional town of Two Mills. The boy became a hero because of the feats of athleticism and helpfulness, and his avoidance of racial boundaries in the town. You can read the review and download Maniac Magee PDF at the end.

Maniac Magee Review:

Maniac Magee is a very famous novel in elementary school curricula and is widely used in social studies on the premises of reaction towards reading and racial identity. The major characters of the novel are Hester and Lester, Mrs Beale, Earl Grayson, Piper and Russell McNab, John McNab, Mars Bar Thompson, Amanda Beale and Jeffrey Lionel Magee. Firstly, Listening Library adapted Maniac Magee for an audiobook in the year of 2005 and for a TV movie in the year of 2003. The book got an immediate success after its publication and is nominated for various awards.

Maniac Magee PDF

Maniac Magee PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of Maniac Magee PDF.

  • The American author Jerry Spinelli with Alyssa Morris as a cover artist has written it.
  • The book is in simple English language so its easier for the readers to understand it.
  • Maniac Magee published in the year 1990.
  • The novel contains a total of 184 pages.
  • The novel revolves around the life story of a young orphan boy.
  • Readers loved to read this novel.

Download Maniac Magee PDF

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